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    How To Install

Bitdefender  antivirus installation process :

System Requirement:- Supported for WINDOWS XP (SP 3), WINDOWS 7, WINDOWS 8,                                       WINDOWS VISTA (SP2), FREE HARD DISK SPACE 1.8 GB, RAM MINIMUM
                                      1 GB.

1) Autorun file is installed.

2) then run this file and start for installation process.

3) then show u r one message  for do you want to bitdefender download to latest file , then click for       YES OR NO.

4) click for NO.

5) Click for bitdefender installation , then NEXT.

6) Show u r 3 option for scanning, downloading and installing.

7) then all process is completed.

8) go to get started then click for I purchased the serial key and type for 7 digit serial key.  

9) then register now but this all process is internet online process ok.